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3 Guiding Principles Of Developing A 1-to-1 Customer Experience

Posted by Alexis Clarfield-Henry on Jan 22, 2017 8:41:45 PM

This article originally appeared on RetailTouchPoints.com


The 1-to-1 customer experience: it’s what your shoppers expect. They experience it with Netflix and Facebook on a daily basis, and they anticipate that same convenient experience when they shop with you, too. If your experience doesn’t make it easy for your shoppers to find the right products, they’re likely to give up and go somewhere else. And in grocery, where your catalogue consists of tens of thousands of products, the challenge is even greater and more important.


Good news! By leveraging data from a shopper’s online transactions (and their in-store purchases, if you have a loyalty program), you can tackle this challenge and deliver a world-class experience. From the home page to the catalogue to the cart, you can present each shopper with the products and specials that they are most likely to want, based on the trends in their purchase history.


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Loyalty & eCommerce, til death do us part

Posted by Chris Bryson on Jan 22, 2017 8:14:16 PM

This post originally appeared as a Special Guest Blog on the Center for Advancing Retail (CART) Blog

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Launching a Modern e-Grocery Experience

Posted by Chris Bryson on Jan 12, 2017 12:37:45 PM

This article was originally published on GroceryHeadquarters.com on Jan 11, 2017.


Online grocery shopping is growing—fast. In 2016, more than a third of online shoppers bought their groceries online versus 21 percent in 2015. 


As behemoths like Amazon and Walmart.com continue to advance their digital grocery offerings, regional supermarkets are making strides in the e-commerce game to compete, launching delivery and/or click-and-collect solutions for their shoppers. 


We thought this would be a good moment to pause, reflect and take stock of our biggest learnings about what is working best in e-grocery. Here are the top three lessons we have learned to help you succeed with launching a new, modern digital customer experience:


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How Search Can Make or Break Your Digital Customer Experience

Posted by Chris Bryson on Nov 7, 2016 3:35:18 PM

This article first appeared on InternetRetailer.com 


Search is one of the most important, yet overlooked aspects of the eCommerce experience.


Shoppers use search to find products more than any other method of browsing, with 83 percent considering it “important” or “extremely important” and 76 percent “always” or “often” using it when they shop online, according to a new study by RichRelevance.


Despite the search tool’s popularity, the experience is leaving a lot of shoppers feeling lost or frustrated. The problem is especially acute on mobile, where 35 percent are dissatisfied with the search results they receive.


For retailers that haven’t invested time in making their search effective, there is a high likelihood of your shoppers giving up from a poor experience, resulting in lost sales that could have easily been avoided.


To get you started, we have outlined two basic, easy-to-implement search principles that can make a substantial difference in the success of your digital customer experience:

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COMPLEX OFFERS: What are they and why you need to support them online

Posted by Alexis Clarfield-Henry on Sep 2, 2016 11:37:13 AM

Grocery retail has more types and flavours of special offers than any other retail vertical. It’s part of what makes grocery unique. Whether ‘mix n’ match’ or ‘spend & get’ deals, your shoppers have come to love the many different ways they can save when they visit your stores.


However, as more shoppers start to dabble with online grocery shopping, they will come to expect access to the same breadth of deals in the digital experience.


Herein lies the challenge (and opportunity!). Most in-store offers are complicated: they usually involve multiple SKUs and/or multiple steps required to earn the deal.


We like to call these “Complex Offers”, and you’ll recognize these offers in any of the below scenarios:


  • Spend more than $25 and get $5 off  

  • Buy any 2 from these products and get the 3rd free

  • Buy any of these 5 for a set amount of dollars 

  • And lots more!

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Change is Scary! Here are 3 ways to do it successfully

Posted by Brandon Carlos on Aug 15, 2016 9:57:44 AM

How you manage the change to a new eCommerce or eCircular shopper experience is probably one of the most crucial parts of the switch.


One of the most frequently asked questions we get when talking to grocers is: “How can we make this change successfully?”. The answer we give is always the same: “Communication, early and often”.


Getting your current shoppers and employees up to speed, on board, and excited about the change is one of the most important ways you can ensure its success. It will also serve as the perfect foundation for a culture shift to one that supports the ongoing iteration and evolution of your digital shopper experience, which as we all know, is critical.

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6 Things That Are Absolutely Essential to Your Grocery eCircular

Posted by Alexis Clarfield-Henry on Jun 30, 2016 4:08:50 PM


The circular has always been considered a marketing cornerstone for supermarkets. However, with a widespread consumer shift to digital mediums, the Weekly Print Ad isn’t yielding the same audience or engagement that it used to.


In fact, for the majority of shoppers today, the print circular is completely irrelevant: two-thirds of all baskets do not include a single advertised item from the same week’s Print Ad.


That’s not just a lot of wasted paper - it’s a lot of wasted opportunity.


Shoppers want a better alternative.



77% consumers want circulars to go digital, and 60% of people who don’t check print circulars would check a digital circular. That’s a massive new audience waiting to be tapped.


While many grocery retailers have recognized thisoverwhelming consumer demand and made their Weekly Ad available through their website, this is still not addressing the root issue faced by the print circular - lack of relevance.


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Keeping our retail partners at the forefront of the grocery industry

Posted by Alexis Clarfield-Henry on May 10, 2016 5:38:54 PM

Last week marked Unata’s biannual partner summit: a two day event where all Unata retail partners gather to collaborate and build the Unata product roadmap for the next six months.



The summit is a unique opportunity for Unata and its partners to explore and discuss each retailer’s strategic needs and then decide on the most useful and valuable platform features to build in order to meet those needs. The Summit puts our partners in the development driver seat, encouraging them to discuss, explore and eventually vote on the platform features they want to see built into the platform next. 



We value the input and feedback from our partners, understanding that they are the ones on the frontlines every day and therefore know better than anyone what they need their digital customer experience to offer.


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3 Reasons to Embrace eGrocery

Posted by Chris Bryson on May 3, 2016 5:49:57 PM

Chris Bryson writes for ProgressiveGrocer.com, looking at why retailers need to embrace eGrocery today and why eCommerce is essential for grocers' continued success. 


2016 is going to be the year where we start to see a major divide between the eCom-haves and eCom-have-nots for grocery retailers.


Grocers who have invested in an eCom solution will start to see increased shopper spend, acquisition, and retention. Grocers who have not will see the opposite.


In partnership with Environics Research, Unata surveyed over 500 online shoppers across the U.S. to determine market demand for online grocery shopping in 2016. The findings prove, unequivocally, that eCom is going to be essential for a grocer’s continued success.


Here are 3 reasons why...


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3 ways to turn your employees into evangelists when you launch a new eCommerce platform

Posted by Alexis Clarfield-Henry on Mar 14, 2016 12:54:28 PM



Engaging your employees is the first step in creating a brand and customer experience that your shoppers will remember.  “Costco famously has always paid well, and the commitment of their employees shines through in store. Amazon has built an enviable reputation for customer service, while Trader Joe's employees are walking manifestations of the brand”, explains a recent article in Supermarket News.


When we work with our retail partners to launch a completely new eCommerce experience, one of the most important steps they need to take to ensure the success of their launch is getting their employees fully on board with the change.

During our 2015 retail partner summit, we had a share group dedicated to this exact topic. Two of our partners who were in the process of launching a new eCommerce experience with Unata -- Lowes Foods and Lunds & Byerlys -- shared best practices on how to turn employees into evangelists to ensure a successful eCom launch. We’ve summarized these into 3 key learnings:

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